Shopify Development

Big Spoon Roasters: US based food (Jams & Butter) Ecommerce store

Project Goal: This Ecommerce store sold jars of nut butter and healthy snack bars. They needed a website where they could sell their products as one time purchases as well as subscription boxes. Their goal was to create a base of loyal customers that would regularly buy jams and butters from them.The Challenge: As a food-based brand, the website needed to focus on visual appeal. As they say, eat with your eyes before your mouth. The client wanted a website that would entice visitors with images of deliciousness within the bounds of a Shopify page layout. The client also wanted to integrate a subscription model into the site. Customers could sign up for a monthly/weekly delivery of products for a membership fee. Delivery: Our coders worked on customizing the product page and other layouts to enable high-resolution images and big text to be displayed without breaking the site’s look. Most important was monitoring the site’s speed because adding high-resolution images slowed down site performance. To solve this problem, our coders optimized the photos to find the right image size and resolution for every screen size on which the site would be viewed. We also utilized Shopify apps to integrate the subscription model functionality on the site.
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