What is DTC?

The Direct To Consumer Model (DTC) is increasingly becoming the go-to online marketing strategy for brands of varying sizes across the globe.

This approach is becoming more popular because DTC companies can reach out directly to consumers with their website instead of using traditional marketing techniques or selling on larger third-party e-commerce websites (like Amazon). This approach gets you closer to your customers and gets your brand recognized in the mind of the customer, instead of being just another faceless supplier to Amazon.

Why choose DTC?

Large retail stores like Amazon have consolidated the market, increasing customer options and giving sellers from around the globe an easy platform to sell. However, this often comes at the cost of losing brand identity. Often products with higher quality and better marketing lose out on Amazon to products that are cheaper. 3rd party sellers also make it difficult to offer a unique experience to the customer. DTC is here to solve these problems.

What exactly does DTC entail? What are the benefits of this model?

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