Shopify Development

Kaktos: US based fashion ecommerce store

Project Goal: Kaktos is a fashion brand that sells high-quality socks made in the USA. The brand was looking to build an aesthetically pleasing ecommerce site that highlights the quality of its manufacturing and style. Our team is very familiar with apparel Ecommerce stores so this was a relatively simple goal to achieve, especially since we had the aid of a Shopify theme.The Challenge: The client had two specific requests. They wanted customers to review the products, and they wanted to add a lookbook showcasing their socks. The look book page had to have its own custom layout that did not follow the rules of a typical product listing page on Shopify. It needed to be custom coded. Delivery: Our Development team customized the Shopify theme as per the client’s exact design and font requirements. To integrate review functionality, the team shortlisted 7 different Shopify apps. We then had discussions with the client’s team to decide which app would be easily integrated within the site’s design aesthetic. This is important because many review apps add their own look to the site instead of complying with the site design. No Shopify template was deemed suitable for the lookbook, so the development team created a custom page from scratch to match the design brief. The page was customized so the products/images on the page can be easily changed by the client’s team using the site backend.

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